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Anna Chernenko

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Let me introduce myself: I am Anna Chernenko, founder of the ukrainian marriage agency Annabel.

I truly love my job and take personal pleasure in seeing the results of my work.  I have been working in the matchmaking business for 17 years, and I am pleased to report I have seen successful marriages between those I have to introduce to each other.  You from your country, and me with my female clientele wishing and hoping for a happy relationship – and yes, marriage.

You are free to call me at a convenient time Skype or phone and I can advise you on any female clientele represented by Annabel marriage agency.

I am a woman first and a business person second, and want to ensure happiness for my female clientele, and you as well.

I  always work in total honesty with all my clients.  In relationships, trust is what it is about. I offer trust to you, my client in finding the right match for your long term happiness and future bride.

Please do not hesitate to contact me; I’m ready to answer all your questions.

I will gladly help you meet your perfect partner!

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Why Ukraine women are the best in the world

Please watch the video on our YouTube channel: ANNABEL marriage agency, Professional matchmaking services in Kiev, Ukraine

Men from all around the world want to meet ukrainian ladies, dreaming of marrying a ukrainian woman, not for nothing. There are lots of myths about real ukrainian women for marriage as if they don’t want to accomplish anything in life or they are worse than Westerners because they have lesser freedoms. But these ones and many other things are only popular misconceptions.

If you are one of the men who desire to meet beautiful ukrainian girl, you’ve come to the right place as we have reliable profiles of ukraine real brides. Now, to make a more thorough view on ukrainians, let’s compare Western ladies with Ukraine women for marriage to find out whether you will find it exciting to meet ukraine girl.

A typical portrait of a US/UK young woman

She is a feminist that cherishes her individuality at the first place. Sees a man only as a partner and supporter, not a soul mate, demanding from him 24-hour attitude and support. She doesn’t care too much about fashion and prefers to wear practical, casual things only being dressed formally when an occasion requires. When it comes to cooking, she desires to eat take-away food from a favorite restaurant close to home rather than cook something: cooking is for special occasions but hunger isn’t one as occurs every day. She can be your best friend though asking much in return as she isn’t prone to give more than to take – things must be even in both directions. She likes to talk a lot about her issues, problems, and the past day as talking pretty much always equals to involvement in the whirl of life while the other more active things like bungee jumping are usually out as they are risky and dangerous.

A typical portrait of a Ukrainian girl

Ukrainian wife starts her day with making makeup, choosing the best attire even she knows that she’ll spend this entire day at home. They love to cook, knows a million, and one recipe of super-delicious food, and can make three salads in 5 minutes. She’s obsessed with knowing people around and increasing self-awareness about stuff to be an interesting interlocutor. She reads Kant, Kafka, and Kama Sutra (to practice the latter, obviously). She can be a humble mouse at home and a shining cheerleader in a company. Along with it, she has wonderful skin as she uses cosmetics and makeup as a professional artist with 30 years of experience. Has good physical shape as she runs in the mornings with a dog in one of the local Kiev parks, which are plenty. She’s still a fragile woman so she will actively want you to feel like a real man standing on her protection even she can do most of the things herself. Ukrainian ladies for marriage are the best option, as they want a kind and happy family to spin around a super-adored husband.

So, no space left to hesitate, which ladies are the best in the world.  When you meet ukrainian women, you at once get numbed from her beauty and wisdom. Single ukrainian ladies are created for marriage as, unlike western women who long to build a career.  Brides of Ukraine want to build a strong family – it’s the best desire in their lives in most cases.

Yes, they do build careers but making ukrainian girl looking for marriage still the most delicious option.

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Professional approach to solving delicate issues

Successful experience since 2002

Compliance of personal data and photos of the ladies with reality

The guarantee of absolute confidentiality

Live meetings without long correspondence

Focus on quality, not on quantity

Professional advice on choosing a partner for life

Attention to individual preferences and requirements


Annabel matchmaking agency provides for matching life partners from all over the world to create families. We have an exclusive and the largest Data Base with female profiles in Ukraine. Our key strength is a thorough multi-step system of selecting candidates. We do know each of our Candidates personally: we question them, make a photo session, and build up a psychological map. All you need is to follow these simple steps to catch your love.


Apply at our site and get contacted by our Personal Matchmaker.


It is not necessary to come to Ukraine or Kyiv to do that – Call is enough. During this conversation, we will gather more data about you as a person and will verify your profile, asking more questions if they will be.


Receive direct links to carefully selected for you female profiles, approve the Candidates to meet, get a confirmation from them and Meet in Kyiv in person


Get a short training on how to behave during the meeting, interesting facts about Kiev and Ukraine, some national traditions to follow while communicating


All meetings will be arranged by our agency in Kiev. You will exchange your opinion with your Personal Manager after each meeting for us to tune up your next Meeting as much as possible for you. Any required recommendations will be provided to you.

All you have to do is be honest. In this case, we will select the best candidate as quickly and accurately as possible. We connect hearts and souls, and the easiest way to find your soul mate is to fill out the form and Take the first step
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Marriage agency Annabel in Ukraine! Your beautiful woman, sincere, faithful and warm hearted is waiting for you.

Having addressed to us, you have already taken the first step on a way to the creation of a happy couple. Your desire + the professional help of our Kiev marriage agency can at last incorporate two loving hearts. How does it work and how to find the best and right one Ukrainian woman for you?

What’s the process of finding the bride in your matchmaking agency?

It’s very simple: you schedule an Interview with Matchmaker, define your preferences for a partner, and very soon, you will receive the profiles of ukrainian girls that match you the best.

What are dating and matchmaking services in Annabel Agency?

In a world that rushes every day in millions of directions, it is hard to stop and find time for meeting and seeing someone. Even if you do, you never know, who’s this person and whether she will match you. We offer you waste your time and money no more! With our reliable matchmaking service, it is the most solid chance to meet a person of your dreams, with whom you’ll want to create a family. Thanks to our professional matchmaker who will ask you about of most important criteria of women for you and select a person that’ll match you best of all based on personal, social, financial, and characteristic preferences.
It is so nice to speed up the pace of time and meet someone whom you seemingly know for a long time already. This is all possible thanks to our Matchmaking (Dating) Services. We hope you’ll love it!

Why do Ukrainian women want to marry foreigners?

Our male clients not only from abroad we work with Ukrainian men also. Ukrainian ladies feel very well about marrying some Ukrainian men. Our female clientele just dreaming to find a man who would satisfy them and be the same-minded.

Does my age play a significant role eventually?

It is not to say that we are purposefully limiting anyone from joining our Ukrainian marriage agency, no. However, we have a recommendation: it is known based on multiple pieces of experience that the best couples are ones in which the age difference between a woman and a man is no more than 10-15 years. In this case, they have mutual interests like the same TV shows, music, things to talk about, and general life interests. The bigger discrepancy leads to weaker mental and physical connections. So we recommend you to search for a woman of the age in these borders.

What are the steps that will lead me to the success in selecting someone?

After you will have spoken to a lady and you both feel like you have a mutual interest, you can make these below-mentioned steps:

Have another conversation using your preferred channel of communication (like Skype, for instance)
Uncover the contact data of the woman paying for it and you are free to talk to her for as many times as you desire: these can be WhatsApp, Viber, phone, e-mail, and so on
Arrive at Kyiv to meet her in person.

What goals do Ukrainian women pursue registering in your marriage agency?

Many Ukrainian girls are pretty, talented, excellently groomed, good-mannered, and well-educated. Some of them are unable to meet the right match themselves. That is why they seek to address our dating agency to have the help of a professional matchmaker who helps to meet a life partner. Our Ukrainian brides want a strong and loving family, taking care of children, pets, and make tasty homemade dinners.

How long shall I stay in Kiev when I have meetings with ukrainian ladies planned?

It is advisable to stay no less than 4-5 full days in Kyiv, Thu-Mon. During this time, you will meet 5-7 ladies and will have an excellent chance to spend a private weekend with the one you like the most. If you want to stay in our beautiful country and city for a longer time – anything is at your discretion.

I don’t know where to stay. Do you assist?

Definitely. We can help you with accommodation, selecting you one of the best world-class hotels, as well as less notable ones of 4 or 5 stars, or we can arrange a cozy apartment. In any case, your location will be in the center of the city and very close to our office and most sightseeing places.

Getting from the airport to the hotel in a new country is a challenge. Do you assist?

Yes, we do. We meet you at the exit of the arrival gate of your flight, deliver you and your luggage on a car with an English-speaking driver, get you to the door of your hotel or an apartment, show you where our office is (as a rule, very close to your residence) and leave you all contact data to stay in touch with us on any matter.

About us

Annabel Marriage Agency in Kiev lists more than 1,400 single Ukraine women who would like to meet a reliable man to create a strong and loving family. They are completely serious about this and hope that they will be able to find a bigger mutual understanding with a foreigner rather than with their fellow countrymen, as they already have been looking amongst the latter and did not succeed. The pictures of each ukrainian girl in our database are as maximally close to the reality as possible, and all her hobbies and character’s description are precisely about her, not about anyone else. We have been working for long years now and we’ve contributed to the creation of hundreds of happy marriages! ⏩ Register in our ukrainian dating agency right now and start searching for a partner of your life!